Plough Gears

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I have available as standard, three main styles of Plough Gears.

A skeleton set which is traditional to East Anglia. PG1

Economy set  PG2   PG3   PG4

Best traditonal sets for plough match and public event work   PG9  PG10  PG11  PG12


Each set is made still using the best quality leather and fittings. I can make a style to suit your requirements and tastes with many patterns available. 

The economy sets are a light weight easy to use set that is ideal for light duties at home or training young horses to get the feel of harness.

The economy sets are made to suit everyday work at home. They are smart to be out in public for working days and plough match day's. Girth's can be added to the back band on request for attaching martingales and to keep the back band firmly in place. Single and pair sets as standard. Each part of this harness is available as a seperate item.


Best traditional work day's  match sets. These sets are made to the highest traditional standards.  There is several patterns and styles available. I can design and make something unique to you or you can mix and match to suit your tastes.

Also available is the traditional Scottish style Backbands for the Clydesdales,available with a choice of white metal fittings traditional to the unique Scottish plough harness.




The metal fittings i use are mainly stainless steel these days due to the anti-rust factor. They are standard fittings. Mild steel painted black is available on request if required. If you have your own metal work, I am happy to use it in the making of the harness you choose.  See PG15 and PG16 here.

There is a choice of bridles to go with these plough sets. Everday work bridles up to best traditonal show bridles. All Plough Harness available with a choice of brass decorations.

For martingales and droppers to go with plough gears, please see this section here.

I can supply my own made stainless steel plough chains available on request.





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